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To the people of #Sudan, we congratulate you on today's signing of the Constitutional Declaration. The United States will continue to support you in your pursuit of a government that protects the rights of all Sudanese citizens and leads to free and fair elections. | 5 uur

Germany joins the people of #Sudan in celebrating this historic day. Time to celebrate in Khartum! Building the future starts now. 6 months ago few would have thought this possible. The victims will not be forgotten. | 5 uur

I have arrived in #Khartoum, #Sudan to witness the formal signing of the agreement between the Transitional Military Council & the Forces for Freedom + Change.The peace deal, brokered by the @_AfricanUnion + #Ethiopia,formally paves the way for the formation of a civilian govt. | 5 uur

When me and mama be missing Sudan too much on Eid day #Sudan | 5 uur

Feeling proud with justice and peace #فرح_السودان #Sudan | 5 uur

The signing ceremony for the final agreement in Sudan ... #Sudan | 5 uur

Exclusive @BBCHARDtalk interview with Mohamed Hamdan "#Hemedti" Dagolo - widely regarded as #Sudan's most powerful man - as the nation's power-sharing agreement is signed. You can find clips on @BBCHARDtalk NOW, with the full interview broadcast soon | 5 uur

Historic day for #Sudan! Signature of the agreement which opens the path for the formation of a civilian Government. Unique opportunity to address the aspirations of the Sudanese people. Congratulations to the @_AfricanUnion and @PMEthiopia for their successful mediation! #AUEU | 5 uur

What a historical day! #Sudan #توقيع_الاتفاق_السوداني #شكرا_إثيوبيا | 5 uur

Today I publicly designated Salah Gosh & his family members under Section 7031(c) for his involvement in gross violations of #HumanRights in #Sudan. Those designated are ineligible for entry into the U.S. We will continue to hold accountable those who violate human rights. | 5 uur

The @UN is committed to assist the transition process as it seeks to achieve the long-standing aspiration of the people of #Sudan for democracy, peace & sustainable development. … | 5 uur

#Bashir in court today. #Sudan | 5 uur

At the signing ceremony of the Constitutional Declaration,which covers arrangements concerning the Transitional Civilian Authority,between the Transitional Military Council and the Forces of Freedom and Change.Wish Sudanese people the best! Hope that peace will prevail in #Sudan! | 5 uur

'A prophet has no honor in his own country' #Ethiopia #Sudan | 5 uur

#Sudan’s leaders sign historic power sharing deal | 5 uur

Look at my lil cousins out in them streets celebrating #Sudan | 5 uur

Privileged to be present at historical signing of the transition agreement to civilian rule in #Sudan. Huge respect for the brave & courageous people of Sudan. Looking forward to work together on a peaceful and democratic Sudan with a prominent role for women & youth. | 5 uur

People celebrating in front of the hall where #Sudan’s opposition and Military are putting their final signatures #فرح_السودان | 5 uur

At our meeting congratulated Acting Foreign Minister Omer Dahab Mohamed of #Sudan, for the political reconciliation in Sudan. Ready to further our cooperation projects once the new Government is formed. Will always stand by friendly and brotherly Sudan. | 5 uur