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I'm sad #Survivor doesn't understand & believe in its product. They think we can't withstand big players going early. They think we can't handle different types of winners. That we need baseless flash to be entertained. It's the best game in the world, let the players play it. | 15 uur

I’ll admit, they got us real good on this one. #Survivor | 15 uur

1. Make a twist 2. Have the twist be HORRIBLE and universally panned 3. Decide to immediately use it again for the biggest season in the show's history This is the actual, actual worst. #Survivor | 15 uur

When Sunday night tv binges turn into Monday morning regrets... #Survivor | 15 uur

When you're hoping Danni or Sophie get at least one confessional in a season filled with BRob, Ben and now EoE again #Survivor #Season40 | 15 uur

"Here I am driving a tuk tuk on the beach in Cambodia with my buddies, hauling ‘em around like a taxi driver. I oughta get my driver’s license-- Cambodia driver’s license. That would be something slick. You call, we’ll haul. Just call me up and I’ll come get ya." #Survivor | 15 uur

"My strongest assets to this group are athletic ability and intelligence and hello? One of those are gone right now." - Heidi "Which one?" - @JeffProbst #Survivor | 15 uur

This comment from Donathan aged nicely! #Survivor | 15 uur

I was like 8 when Samoa first aired & I did not like Russell. Finally rewatching the season & I’m wondering what was wrong with me he’s absolutely great!! So funny!! @russellhantz #Survivor | 15 uur

I think it would be downright depressing to sit and watch green bananas turn yellow without my debaucherous little villains from /u/pk_9 #Survivor | 15 uur

1 year ago today my 12 year old grandson went in to remission #cancer best day ever #SURVIVOR | 15 uur

It’s been just over a year since I returned from the wildest adventure of my life. I was happy and hungry! I my fellow castaways #Survivor @gavin_whitson @veebaamonde @crunderwood37 | 15 uur

Be kind to yourself. You have been through hell. #narc #abuse #survivor | 15 uur

"By God, I started it. I put it out." - Jane #Survivor | 15 uur

Last night I had the honour of going to @MaggieOliverUK book launch of #Survivor. It is an amazing book that tells the TRUTH about what happened. It may not be a comfortable read but you MUST read it so we can all understand the travesty that happened | 15 uur

When the tile won't break no matter how many rocks you throw: from /u/DravenPrime #Survivor | 15 uur

#Tbt #survivor '65 #Chevrolet #Corvette #Convertible 396/425HP Get a free #partskeeper garage (tag us, we'll feature it) @mecum @LienhardRacing @americanmuscle @Bertieschip @TheMuscleCar @FAFBulldog @BCJr @CarSnapped @AttachMax @ChallengerJoe @vividcloudofwat @kdwho | 15 uur

Three years ago today I did thisGood luck to everyone applying for S41/42! #Survivor | 15 uur

Good morning all you awesome folks.. where there's a will there's a way #Survivor | 15 uur

Rock n Rain Saturday July 13th ! 10 PM Est .... Empower Server @_Eagle1_ @CryptoHeath @JohnnyboyCrypt0 @trapier21 @scotlarock727 @G420Tm @CoinsAndChains @PharaohCFC ----> Join  #survivor #EmpowerNetwork | 15 uur