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  • Крутой и удобный сервис для аренды виртуальных номеров 
  • #Huobi Prime's next launch will be @reserveprotocol 's Reserve Rights token ($RSR)! Congratulations! We look forward to bringing real world blockchain payments to the masses with you. Hear from our CEO @livio_huobi here. … #ItsPrimeTime
  • We also removed the concept of soft cap completely as our #app is about to launch publicly very soon and we will be moving on with the project regardless of the outcome of the #TokenSales. #IEO #BTC #ETH #AZT #azfundchain #stex
  • The first session will end on 20th May & second session begins on 21st May 7am UTC time. Each upcoming sessions will last for 3 days or whenever they are sold out. The #IEO will be finished with all the sessions & the token sale will end on May 30th. #azfundchain #stex
  • - Our #AZFundchain app is ready & in beta test. - Our AZT coin powers the app it can be used on the app to run #moneycircles and crowdfunding campaigns. - We have a buyback events in plan once #AZT is listed on #Stex after the #IEO and everyone having AZT can participate in

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