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I love you so much @ArianaGrande #swt #swtsheffield #SWTGlasgow #swtlondon #SWTAntwerp #swtbirmingham #swtprague #arianagrandeconcerts | 8 uur

missin ari hours #swtlondon | 8 uur

ATTENTION if you’re going to swt london on october 16th heart this/ give me a dm to be in a group chat !! #swtlondon | 8 uur

energy she deserves #swtlondon | 8 uur

Hello! Could you report this account and spread this news? He just scammed us with some Pit tickets for Ariana Grande! I am very devastated that I had invested all my savings for it. I hope you don't get ripped off and enjoy the concert. #swtlondon #swtworldtour @ArianaGrande | 8 uur

wait is it true that you can get into pit if you’re under 16 but accompanied by someone over 18 at the o2? #swtlondon | 8 uur

GUYS IMPORTANT ABOUT A SCAMMER !!! I bought tickets for @ArianaGrande from @rogerdaniella81 who failed to send me the tickets and made multiple excuses, i asked for my money back & she said she would sort it. It’s been 6 hours and she has now blocked me. JUST A PSA #swtlondon | 8 uur

2 x Golden Circle Standing Tickets Ariana Grande London O2 on 15th October. £175 each. Flash mobile delivery. #swtlondon #SWT #SweetenerWorldTour | 8 uur

can someone tell me if they check ID if u buy pit tickets for ari, i'm 14 but i rlly wanna buy pit and ppl say i pass as 16 so idk help @ArianaGrande #arianagrande #swtlondon #swt | 8 uur

Birmingham hunny, u was INSANNNNNNNNNEEEE, see u in london baby 16/10 #swtbirmingham #swtlondon #SweetenerWorldTour #ThankUNext | 8 uur

3 favourite 7 rings photos I took at #swtlondon night 3 | 8 uur

this morning i got my pit ticket for the last ari’s show in london. i’m the happiest person in the world right now. #swtlondon | 8 uur

people going #swtlondon next month pls message me | 8 uur

Is anyone going to a #swtlondon show and can buy me social house merch? | 8 uur

@ArianaGrande I miss u love this photo I took #swt #swtbirmingham #SWTDublin #swtlondon #SweetenerWorldTour | 8 uur

is someone selling right pit for london october 16th?? #swtlondon #SweetenerWorldTour #ArianaGrande | 8 uur

this is so tempting. i get paid in a few days and would be fine going on my own. but do i really wanna stay at a hotel then somehow be in birmingham for 9:30 next day? no. help me #swtlondon | 8 uur

Giving my spare Ariana grande ticket for #swtlondon 16th October £80-100. Dm me for details | 8 uur

looking for a golden circle or pit ticket for ariana grande in london on the 16th pls help #SweetenerWorldTour #swtlondon | 8 uur

Ariana holding my hand during everytime will always be a moment and one of the best memories in my life. i love you so much. words can’t ever express how much you mean to me thank you please take me back. i miss you @ArianaGrande #SWTLondon | 8 uur