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(part 2) @colton @chrisbharrison @BachelorABC #thebachelor | 3 uur

also a pro of working with me: hear me rant about #TheBachelor and its various franchises and also get invested in the lives of strangers | 3 uur

I found a bitmoji that was made after @ariejr #TheBachelor | 3 uur

I still don’t remember Caroline, & you’d think I’d remember her... #TheBachelor | 3 uur

I do not remember Caroline, but then Arie’s season is best forgotten tbf... #TheBachelor | 3 uur

Same-sex #marriages are taking place throughout the world. Have you found your #love #TheBachelorette #TheBachelor #TheBachelorFinale yet?  | 3 uur

Colton and Cassie are getting real about their relationship after #TheBachelor, including the "social anxiety" that comes with it. | 3 uur

.@colton takes #Coachella, dishing on life after #TheBachelor with his love @CassieRandolph! Watch here: | 3 uur

next season on #TheBachelor our Hot Virgin 2.0 starts getting to know an exclusive group of 12! stay tuned for dRAmaTiC group dates, including running out of food on a picnic and hitting a HUGE storm while boating! | 3 uur

Why did no one tell me that a #DoubleShotatLove is the trashy version of #TheBachelor? This is everything I didn’t know I needed. | 3 uur

Here's a Sneak peak at a few potential Contestants for "the Selection" Series Season 2 (Basically a Royal "Bachelor/Bachelorette" Show) #TheSelection #KeiraCass #TheBachelor #TheBachelorette | 3 uur

Visiting Denver and I secretly hoped to run into some bachelor folks. All I found was this squirrel but he offered me his final rose so we're going to sponsor nut facials on Instagram. #TheBachelor @benhiggi @balockaye_h @fleissmeister @cbmcnary @colton | 3 uur

Happy Easter #thebachelorsa #thebachelor #bachelornation | 3 uur

Came for the baseball, stayed for #TheBachelor. | 3 uur

Doggie bachelor date ? @colton @caelynnmk @CassieRandolph #thebachelor | 3 uur

You’re not getting these convos on #TheBachelor. We’re only a few minutes away for a brand new episode of @MTVShotAtLove at 8pm on @mtv! | 3 uur

#thebachelorsa #thebachelor watching people go home has me like ... | 3 uur

The most dramatic episodes of #TheBachelor you will ever see... Episode 1 brought to you by #FLAs19 and | 3 uur

Hanging with @BrittanySnow and #DeWandaWise. A super surprise video from THE @chrisbharrison. Safe to say #BusyTonight got #TheBachelor's final rose! | 3 uur

FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY. Why would you ever tweet this? #TheBachelor … | 3 uur