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Omg Bennnnnnnnn #TheBachelor | 9 uur

OMG OMG OMG OMG ONE ROSE LEFT #TheBachelor | 9 uur

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG #TheBachelor | 9 uur

Kirpa is queen! #thebachelor | 9 uur

"Band-Aid Kirpa" is #TheBachelor's "Hoodie Melo." … | 9 uur

Me when Kirpa left #TheBachelor: | 9 uur

We all knew Hannah G. got the , but we never saw it until now! Enjoy this bonus scene from #TheBachelor. | 9 uur

LOL if this wasn’t me yesterday #TheBachelor | 9 uur

One of the most important messages from #TheBachelor this season. Thank you , Hannah B. | 9 uur

this is probably the best thing I have seen all day #thebachelor | 9 uur

Caelynn acting cool w Colton vs how she acts during the camera interview #TheBachelor | 9 uur

HANNAH B for the Bachelorette #thebachelor | 9 uur

#Thebachelor Heather and Colton’s goodbye Lololol | 9 uur

How we all felt about Kirpa leaving tonight #thebachelor | 9 uur

Nobody: Colton: And that's my greatest fear #TheBachelor | 9 uur

Colton’s vlogs be like: #thebachelor | 9 uur

Snitches really do get stitches #TheBachelor | 9 uur

The editor responsible for creating the fence jump clip #TheBachelor | 9 uur

I am: a man a woman an upset Bachelor viewer Looking for: a man a woman The episode where Colton jumps the fence #TheBachelor⁠ ⁠ | 9 uur

I too was hustled scammed hoodwinked bamboozled led astray #thebachelor | 9 uur