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It’s quite odd that fighting for the working class is considered #TooFarLeft | 19 uur

“People have a right to clean air and drinking water.” Woahhhhhhhh, you’re way #TooFarLeft | 19 uur

#APleaToGenZ Whatever you do, think for yourselves. Don't listen to the lies of the #TooFarLeft SJW's, Mainstream Media, Antifa, Nazis & Feminazis. Also don't listen to the lies of the #TooFarRight /pol/cels, incels, MGTOW, & the KKK. Be sure to vote for anti-establish | 19 uur

#tooFarLeft? White Men, they don’t have rights! For far too long we have put up with Fascists on Democratic Right, Corportate Democrats. We have Trumpist & Council 4 National Policy wanting Nazi America. BHO, POTUS44, Too Far Left would have all rights taken away from WHITE men. | 19 uur

It hurts me and brings me no joy to tell you all that the Establishment Wing of my party, the Democratic Party, hate the Unapologetic Left more than they hate Trump. #TooFarLeft they call us. We just want to TRULY make America great FOR ALL PEOPLE! (not just the rich!) … | 19 uur

) ) ) ( ) ) _(___(____)____(___( __ \ the present will always/_ \hate those pushing for/ | \ progress that history /__| \ will pretend to love in / \ in the future / \ #TooFarLeft / \____________/ | 19 uur

How quickly we forget. Money is perhaps not only the root of all evil - but certain forms of insanity too. As John Lennon said so aptly - we're being ruled by insane people. It's not that we're #toofarleft, Barack. It's that we're still sane. | 19 uur

No such thing as #TooFarLeft | 19 uur