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How awesome is this guy?! Seriously awesome! Proud to have Justin Trudeau as Canadian PM. #Trudeau … | 21 uur

According to business bible Bloomberg, under #Trudeau "(Canada's) growth indicators are world beaters, as the country becomes a technology juggernaut." WHERE WERE THESE HEADLINES A MONTH AGO?! … #election2019 | 21 uur

Come on Canada! Don’t screw this up! #VOTE #TRUDEAU … | 21 uur

Congrats to the Leader of North America @JustinTrudeau from your neighbors to the south! Please invade us and take prisoners! #Trudeau … | 21 uur

Melania’s boyfriend won! Sorry Donnie. SAD! Trudeau rules, you drool. #TRUDEAU | 21 uur

Congrats on being a rational and sane nation Oh Canada. You’re not only polite, you are intelligent. #trudeau | 21 uur

So #Scheer hired #WarrenKinsella for the purpose of destroying #Trudeau and #Bernier campaigns? Am I’m I hearing this correctly? Also #Scheer continues to lie & make up rumours about coalitions & taxes. He is the worst PM candidate I’ve ever seen. Vote Smart Canadians. #cdnpoli | 21 uur

BREAKING NEWS; #AndrewScheer statement on hiring #WarrenKinsella to "search & destroy" #Bernier's PPC: "To all Canadians, I wish to express my Trudeau Trudeau Trudeau SNC Lavscam Trudeau Trudeau blackface brownface Trudeau fired women Trudeau Trudeau #Trudeau." More to come. | 21 uur

I gotta give #Trudeau props for this. It's what I've always liked most about him as a person - personally thanking the very people who extended him the privilege to govern. #classact … | 21 uur

Various studies show #Trudeau kept 90-93% of his promises. But maybe he didn't keep the one that was most important to you. Every party running to replace the incumbent govt makes promises they intend to keep, then win & find out it ain't as easy as they thought. | 21 uur

Dear #Scheer #CPC crowd shouting "Lock him up" about #Trudeau & SNC: a) you are showing you're brainless MAGA wannabes b) the 'law' he violated is basically a by-law & is specifically listed in the Ethics guide as not being a criminal offense. What is criminal? Your stupidity. | 21 uur

Congratulations! Prime Minister #Trudeau for another term in office. … | 21 uur

#Albertans: #Trudeau does nothing for #oilandgas! Trudeau: *buys $4.6 billion pipeline* Albertans: We want it yesterday! Trudeau: I have no control over courts. Albertans: Lock him up! Lock him up! Canada: *re-elects PM* Albertans: Lets separate!! See a pattern here? | 21 uur

Just ashamed to say I am from SK.. such talented candidates beat just for the sake of vindictiveness. Might need to move to BC now. #Trudeau rules. | 21 uur

Don't give in. Right now we're like Luke in that rotted tree on Dagobah in Empire Strikes Back. We've faced the darkness in ourselves; some chose to use #Trudeau to virtue-signal their way past their own guilt from past mistakes. | 21 uur

On Monday, reject the calculated cynicism, barrage of #Scheer lies & urge to punish #Trudeau for letting you down by being a flawed human like the rest by punishing the poor & needy and the rest of us make up Canada - the greatest country in the world. Let's keep moving forward. | 21 uur

Congrats to Canada, our neighbor and friend! #Trudeau … | 21 uur

Congratulations to @akshaykumar for having voted to elected a secular, liberal, progressive PM in Canada, while campaigning for an complete opposite in India #TrudeauWins #Trudeau #PanautiModi | 21 uur

I woke up singin’ Oh Canada! How wonderful it is to not to wake up under the immediate threat of a hateful & intolerant #conservative regime! WE DID IT, Canada! It’s #ScheerlessTuesday! #federalelection2019 #Canada #CanadianElection #Trudeau #elxn43 … | 21 uur

#Trudeau took it. Don't think he liked it, but he took it. Qualities of a leader. @22_Minutes | 21 uur