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  • There will be no fish in water,no animal on planet.Plastic,nuclear waste,polluted eatables,air & water will be accused. #Humanwillbeallinnocent Politicians must give weekly finance report in media to publish.Vigilance department must be enhanced. #Transparency #Love. @TTohaniya
  • Happy to hear that you are enjoying a gorgeous day full of sunshine and excellent Deepstuff music Medline. @TTohaniya @bennejemyassine @Sarbast73858777 @MutinusTitinus @Nabeel22Na hope that you are all enjoying a great music filled day thanks for sharing a like.
  • The captains.
  • #EXCLUSIVE: NSA Ajit Doval: ‘National Interest prevailed over self-interest. People of India set aside any discontent against Govt & Voted largely in favor of Nationalism. They felt the present leadership gave furtherance to the cause of National Interest over personal interest.’
  • It all do not matter we wish love,peace #LoveLoveLove #Love. @TTohaniya

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