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Scoreboard at the end of VT Summit with GMU teams highlighted. Of note, Cyber-Hoos in 4th was awarded 100 points post-capture due to crypto confusion. They ended in 2nd in front of Radford. #cybersecurity #virginiatech | 3 uur

@CBSSports here is another for you to ponder #VirginiaTech not “Vah Tech”. … | 3 uur

Visiting #VirginiaTech for #HokiePreview2019? WELCOME to campus and we are looking forward to meeting you in @VTPamplin to discuss the #Business #Management program. We will be there 1-3p. See you soon! #Collaborate #Innovate #Integrate  @FollowMeToVT – bij Pamplin Hall | 3 uur

Hey #VirginiaTech No barbers there? Before and After: | 3 uur

Is this facial hair a style? Maybe he’s not shaving until they win it all and that’s just all he’s got? #VirginiaTech #MarchMadness | 3 uur

ALRIGHT ! I can finally make my final four pick. #VirginiaTech should change the name of their mascot to the Turtles. | 3 uur

LET'S GO HOKIES!! #MarchMadness2019 #VirginiaTech | 3 uur

@5Alive_ busting out the for the return game tonight #Hokies #VT #VirginiaTech | 3 uur

This is beautiful basketball - my heart is so happy #MarchMadness #VirginiaTech | 3 uur

What rhymes with Range Rover? Game Over #VirginiaTech #Dancin | 3 uur

PSA for @marchmadness: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS "VAH TECH." We are VIRGINIA TECH. To call us anything other than that is downright disrespectful. You don't hear anyone calling Georgia Tech "Gah Tech," do you? No. So knock it off. #VirginiaTech #NotVahTech #Hokies | 3 uur

Game hasn’t event started and announcer has 1 “Va Tech” in....#virginiatech #vt #MarchMadness | 3 uur

@VTHokie_Nation If this guy says VA Tech for the entire game, I'm gonna be upset. #VT or #VirginiaTech. Say it! | 3 uur

Research from the #VirginiaTech Helmet Lab featured on @CBSThisMorning | 3 uur

Happy Friday! The cast and crew of As You Like It started rehearsing this week! Here's a sneak peek of their read-through! #HokiesOnStage Tickets are on sale now! Click the link below for more information.  #VirginiaTech #hokienation #hokiepets | 3 uur

$6,000 in 20 minutes isn’t bad at all!! Thanks @WheelofFortune for giving me this once in a lifetime opportunity!!! #WheelofFortune #VirginiaTech | 3 uur

“I like your jacket dad” - head coach @TeamCoachBuzz ‘s daughter as he walks out #MarchMadness #VirginiaTech | 3 uur

Me if I get into #VirginiaTech ⁦@VT_Mag⁩ SERIOUSLY! | 3 uur

I had the pleasure of meeting up with @VirginiaTechWTT at @VTEngineering’s Goodwin Hall as they tested their wind turbine this week. Very cool stuff! It has to be one of the most interdisciplinary groups I’ve come across at #VirginiaTech. | 3 uur

Parents of youth football players can now find out which helmets offer their kids the best protection, thanks to #VirginiaTech research. via @WTOP … | 3 uur