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#wrong rich oops … | 41 sec

#Lacking #knowledge is no excuse to going about and doing the #wrong thing. There should always be norms. Without them we have nothing. @777Beaver  | 41 sec

Y'all know how I feel about lazy comps and the ABC crew didn't let me down..... "Jake Smith reminds so many Texas fans of Jordan Shipley." Of course he does...... #WRONG | 41 sec

#Wrong @realDonaldTrump simply outworked you, crushed you in debates and was pro American and not a sellout like you and Bill. I wish you would just move on and #ShutUp No one wants to keep hearing from a two time loser! You even lost to #Obama what’s up with #ClintonEmails? | 41 sec

She couldn't take the #pain of losing her #soulmate, so Cassia did the unthinkable. She #enchanted herself to sleep for eternity. Unfortunately, something went #wrong, and now this centuries-old enchantress needs to learn how to live in the modern world. … | 41 sec

* Correction: I watched the interview. I understand Tite as I'm Brazilian.That's not what he said. He didn't suggest anything. He simply said Ney was happy at the Selecao. He did NOT compare that with other places. Get it straight! #wrong #INFO | 41 sec

I thought I would have an easier time moving my son back to college after he moved back home for the summer. #wrong | 41 sec

...normally I hold you in high regard but I cannot believe what you just put my eyeballs through. #WRONG … | 41 sec

Meoww #wrong what a comeback. @MTLAlouettes BIG WIN | 41 sec

A fine is a tax for doing #wrong. A #tax is a fine for doing well. | 41 sec

@brittacurl so glad I taught you this move during our skates down at Wachter this summer. #wrong #couldntdoitifitried … | 41 sec

Teachers have it #wrong. The right answer on a piece of paper doesn't mean anything; learning comes from mistakes. #richdad | 41 sec

Common? #wrong | 41 sec

#Wrong ... it is vitally important to this #UNFIT POTUS who has no shame or fear of continuing his mockery of our Constitution & distortion of our American values in order to elevate himself, his awful ideas, & make more $$ for himself & his family. PLEASE | 41 sec

If you are thinking that you have a bad think about her #WomenOfKashmir #BilawalBhuttoZardari #ClimateStrike #SaturdayMotivation #wrong | 41 sec

The cost of being #wrong is less than the cost of doing nothing. - Seth Godin #Leadership | 41 sec

In his mind there's nothing wrong with asking a foreign gov to do oppo research on his political opponent, and also nothing wrong with extortion to make it happen. In his mind, that's the reality of the way the world works. Laws, morals, and the Constitution be damned. #wrong | 41 sec

Financier. #WRONG fart Michaels and big data | 41 sec

Got kicked out of Walmart for wearing a tshirt with holes cut out around my nipples #WRONG @Walmart | 41 sec

Heeere we go... #wrong | 41 sec