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  • Today is PTI's 23rd Anniv. Our struggle has been the greatest of any party since Independence & gone thru 3 phases: 1st phase was mobilising ppl on our msg for change; to fight corrupt status quo & make ppl aware that a nation only progresses by developing its Human Resources 1/3
  • 3/3 And now we have entered the final phase: to build Pakistan on the principles of Riyasat-i-Madina - a society based on justice, compassion and the dignity of our human beings.
  • 2/3 It took 15 years in the political wilderness before my message penetrated amongst the masses. It took another 7 years to convert our movement into a party capable of fighting elections.
  • Slip of tongue is a common thing from Zardari to Khursheed Shah to Nisar
  • He also said about terrorism from Iranian soil.. Why didn't you talk about it? He also condemned Israel. Why don't you mention it?

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